I can help in creating advance typing mode in Hindi

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Show Accuracy

Completed Linsk Comments: 9 Reply 29 days ago by 信友会ばゆ
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Keyboard sounds

Under Consideration Frank H. Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by mallu
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All my ideas I can come up with at the moment

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Feature Request: Best Daily Streak

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Achievement bug

Known Narek C. Comments: 1 Reply 25 days ago by Narek C.
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Perfil eliminado.

Known REXI N. Comments: 1 Reply 27 days ago by Linsk
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200 wpm users who never make a single error...

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How to type in Hindi after select hindi language?

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How many words per minute WPM is considered good?

Answered kristypepe Comments: 15 Reply 53 days ago by lil g.
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Gross Speed or Net Speed?

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Im getting slower at typing

Answered Bitbatgaming P. Comments: 3 Reply 18 months ago by Hector P.
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report cheat engine users

Answered gholamreza g. Comments: 1 Reply 20 months ago by Linsk
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