200 wpm users who never make a single error...

John Smith shared this problem 3 years ago

Is it just me or are these users a little fishy? I only type around 100 WPM and that's already fast. Typing double that speed and NOT EVER MESSING UP is inhuman. It is not only fishy but also competition ruining, for example I recently witnessed a user get exactly 200 WPM without error in a recent event.

I went onto this user's profile and saw he took only around 20 tests, 18 of which were above 180 WPM without errors, however the last two were only around 80 WPM with multiple errors. This is ultimately ruins competitions due to false "typists" who really only compete to see who has the best typing program, trying to out-speed other users' programs. I do not claim ALL of these high-speed typists are using programs to alter their speed, however those that do are often obvious from those who don't.

I ask that admins or some sort of authority in competitions (i.e. the competition creator) to be able to remove them from competitions, or even ban them via blacklist. I think it is the first logical step towards removing those who use programs to alter their speeds, and I hope you agree. I don't frequent this site, so anything I have previously said is based upon my perspective as I do not come here often (but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis and fair competitions).

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I will implement some sort auf auto cheat detection for this, but it won't take care of the more clever ones, but should at least help out a little bit.


It will always be possible to cheat to some degree, the anticheat-test is mostly to block script-kiddies but everyone who invests a good amount of time (less for those who know what they are doing) will be able to game the system.

This is not limited to 10FastFingers, every major game has bots (WoW, Diablo, etc.) and cheaters (Counterstrike and other major FPS).

We have other systems in place to reduce the amount of these cheaters even with the anticheat-test.

The user you mentioned had already been flagged, but thank you for bringing it up anyway!


I forgot to mention that the auto-cheatdetection has already been implemented for a couple of weeks now.


I see. I would agree that script kiddies cannot bypass the anticheat...

By the way, that user is me!


These people are pathetic. Just think about how idiotic it is when they actually need to use ''fast typing'' skills in real life and can't do it? I type between 90-105 words a minute. I am very satisfied with this. I use touch typing for translations so that I can have one eye on the text I am translating and not have to look at the screen or the keyboard. It helps me get my job done faster. An idiot who uses a hack to win typing competitions on here could not apply fast typing skills to anything. To me that in itself is a loss for them in life. Sure, they win all sorts of competitions on this site. In real life, outside the scopes of this site, they're losers who probably don't even leave their houses because all they do is sit in front of a computer trying to find ways to cheat at games and competitions. Isn't that the real loss? Don't worry about the cheaters. Let them enjoy the illusion of a win, when they're in fact losing big time.


"Don't worry about the cheaters. Let them enjoy the illusion of a win, when they're in fact losing big time." I can't stress this enough!


Sometimes in a youtube video you can tell if the person's not cheating if they go slow on works or make minor errors. For example, a person usually that has never been on the leaderboard i feel quite supicious about.


Didn't expect for this to get that much attention, but the devs dealt with much of it, though some still remain.