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Linsk shared this idea 3 years ago
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I suggest to add a ranking system based on accuracy. Then, in case of equality, speed (WPM) will decide between. So it means the reverse of the current system favoring speed above all.

Imagine a player A typing at 200 WPM with 92% accuracy and a player B getting 60 WPM with 100% accuracy, then player B will be positioned ahead of A:

Player B: 100% (60 WPM)

Player A: 92% (200 WPM)

I voluntarily give this example because I know that some of you will immediately say: "Hey, you're crazy! 60 WPM don't have the same value as 200 WPM!". That's totally true. But for someone who typed 200 WPM, it would be very easy to slow down a bit to get better accuracy and thus keep the best rank. ;)

Another example: two players with the same accuracy but different speeds. In this case, speed will obviously prevail:

Player A: 100% (200 WPM)

Player B: 100% (60 WPM)

Now imagine the latter case: two players with the same speed but a different accuracy. Of course the most accurate typist will win:

Player A: 100% (120 WPM)

Player B: 92% (120 WPM)

The idea is to have a double ranking in the 3 main modes (normal, advanced and competition) with for example a tab system to move quickly from one to the other. In this way we could have 2 winners in each competition, one for speed and one for accuracy (or one winner with two wins).

To show you concretely what it would look like, I applied this system to this competition and calculated the approximate accuracy of each user, giving the following ranking for the first 5 participants:


You can see that the ranking is completely different and highlights users who usually go almost unnoticed.

Unlike the current system that glorifies fast typists, even those with a ridiculous accuracy (which doesn't really make sense), this system would have a double advantage: first to give more chances of victories to slower typists (who are already paying attention to their accuracy) but also and above all: to encourage the typing quality of everyone and contribute to raising the overall level of all typists. :)

In short, that would be fairer and beneficial to everyone.

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Note that in this double ranking, the WPM ranking doesn't change at all. But regarding the accuracy ranking, if you have taken several tests, the best test with the highest accuracy will be retained.

For example, if you have taken the following tests:

60 WPM (92%)

63 WPM (88%)

65 WPM (100%)

69 WPM (95%)

Your score in the accuracy ranking will be: 65 WPM (100%).