Anti-cheat system stole my best score

Dan unavailable shared this problem 19 months ago
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I participated in a competition 50 times (plus restarts when making many errors) in order to unlock one of the achievements (the one for participating in a competition 50 times).

My typing speed is usual in the high 80s with my highest speed being 92 while logged in and a random 94 one time when I wasn't logged in.

So, given that I was repeating the same test so many times, my scores slowly went to 90 -> 91 -> 92 -> 93 -> 94 -> 96 and then my fingers were really sore so I needed a break. Coming back from the break, my speeds started in the 70s due to sore fingers and gradually moved back up to low 90s as my fingers loosened. Then I had a magical moment with 0 errors resulting in a speed of 102. This was partly due to muscle memory and partly due having some expectation of what difficult words are coming up so I could mentally prepare for them as I was typing.

The problem is that the anti-cheat system stole my score and is asking me to type in a completely different way that I'm not used to so this is very frustrating as I'm not able to reach the same speeds using such a broken system. The main problems are that I'm used to seeing the red highlighting when making a mistake so I never needed to look down before whereas now I'm looking down every once in a while. The other problem is for needing to click the start button and move my hand to the home row. Pressing tab + enter only works when submitting but not for starting a test. Additionally, tab + enter keeps throwing me off when trying to submit so I'm thumbling. Lastly, I usually look at the first few words in preparation prior to typing whereas now the timer starts as soon as I click the start button. My speed is dramatically lower in the anti-cheat system because of all these annoyances. I think the best I got using this annoyance was about 80wpm but it's often lower so I don't know how to prove that I wasn't cheating.

Wrong words should be highlighted in red just like the regular test, the timer should start when typing the first character and it should automatically stop when typing the last.

This anti-cheat system is really frustrating and it's insulting being labeled as a cheater and given a broken system to try to prove otherwise.

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The problem is that if you want "dynamic" feedback when typing, it should be done in javascript. But the anticheat is here to prevent cheaters from exploiting javascript flaws, so you understand that if you do the anticheat in javascript, it isn't solving the "cheaters issue".

I agree with you on the part that the anticheat is very different from a 10FF typing test, so it's hard to break habits.

I had some trouble with the anticheat too, I did a very high score comparing to my average and my fingers were shaking because I was excited so I could't type fast enough to validate the anticheat. But you have to realize that the anticheat is very "tolerant", in a sense that if you do 80 wpm on the anticheat you unlock at least 100 wpm if I'm not mistaken. It took me some time, but I did it in the end. I think you just need to "practice" the anticheat and everything will go fine.

Hope that helps :) .