Auto Sign Out Bug Or Feature

LinuX Man shared this problem 8 months ago

Hello there, maybe all of us know that there's a huge bug or feature exists in the 10FF website.

That's also happening with me, I just took a competition typing test and got 145 WPM but it didn't save my record to the list of competitors without any kind of alerting message of logging out.

Once I got 156 WPM (That's my PB) but that same problem sucked me. I'm very disappointed by this. Most people have the same problem which is requested to be solved by the developer of the site.

The whole summary is to remove this problem.

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In the meantime, there is a way to prevent (or at least reduce) this problem: log out and log in before each test taken.

Not very ergonomic but it can save some scores.


And reload the page after each test to be sure that you are still logged.


Hello Linsk, thanks for replying to my topic.

It even sounds idiosyncratic that I've to reload the page after each tests. Maybe I can help you (it didn't happens regularly).

Whenever I takes tests 3-4 times and if I focus on other tabs and comes back again, then it automatically logs me out. The problem most probably would be unfocused on the site.

Your idea is still good though.


This reminds me that it is known that having several 10FF tabs open can be a source of a larger number of bugs. At least, this has been true for a while and could still be true today. It is therefore recommended to keep only one 10FF tab at a time.

Also, I have no power over the development part of the site. Only the admin can intervene and possibly solve these problems.