Better competition system

Patrick Becker shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I'd like to have a better competition system. Most of the typers have their own typing skills. So I think there Need to be different competitions, in line with the typiests typing-Speed. If you type max 50WPM, you cannot beat a 130WPM typiest. So they cannot unlock the achievments. That isnt fair.

There should be following competitions:

10 - 30 WPM

31 - 50 WPM

51 - 75 WPM

76 - 100 WPM

101 - 110 WPM

111 - 120 WPM

121 - 130 WPM

130 - X WPM

Or something similar competitions.


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Absolutely agree, the actual system is unfair, if you're not an elite player you never have the chance to win any competition, no matter how well you do it. With the actual systems almost ever win the same users all the competitions.


The best win, the worst lose. I see nothing wrong.

Creating groups will not solve anything, on the contrary. Everything will be the same, but on a smaller scale. In addition, it will be more difficult to find 5 participants in each competition of each language (which is sometimes already difficult).



To all who voted for this idea, I inform you that a competition system with level groups is being tested on the 10FF Discord. To try it, go to the "BATTLE" section:


I think there could be a (maybe) relatively simple solution to this.

To take the average score of all your solo typing tests, then to put the user into a competition with similar averages (maybe within 10 or so wpm).


No, this can't work because people can alter their average on purpose.