Calibration issue of WPM on multiplayer

Anas Al-oweidi shared this problem 9 months ago

There seems to be an issue with calibration of WPM. I have won a race where my WPM was 119 (and I was faster and finished earlier) than an opponent that was give 121 wpm. It seems to lower my score compared to what is seen while I race. There seems to also be an unfair advantage given to players playing against me. Given that ratios should be preserved a 166 wpm and a 131 wpm ratio is approximately 1.23, which logically means time difference should be as such if multiplied by 30 seconds will equate to 37 seconds (but I finished in 34 seconds) (I seem to be delayed significantly compared to others (3 seconds here)). I hope this issue gets fixed. Thank you for your attention. 5109eb314056fe98b9f78fc71eff1cf44bbc5a9c96b471f4a4f110da68f3913e