Commenting profiles

Linsk shared this idea 2 years ago


It would be nice to be able to comment on user profiles.

To avoid spam or trolling, the profile owner can be given permission to accept / reject or delete comments.

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Sounds like an interesting idea, especially with the comment approvement (otherwise spammers would go on a rampage). My main question though is, what would be the motivation to post on someones profile?


Otherwise, we could also have a "report comment" button.

About the reasons for commenting, well, there are many I guess, specific to each user. Regarding me, in the past I regretted not being able to congratulate someone for his achievement, thank him for typing, invite him to a competition, joke with him, ask him questions or for advice, share goals and records with him or simply have the opportunity to learn more about him and, why not, continue outside 10FF.

I'm talking about comments, but this could be done via private messaging or both. I find public comments more user-friendly. And if we wanted to talk about more personal things, we could go on in private.

We always find users who resemble us and it is natural to want to get in touch with them, rather than to keep each one locked in his bubble.

In short, it's a question of sharing his experience, creating contact that can enourage emulation, synergy or even friendship. :)


While I think there might be a benefit to it, I'm still worried about the complexity of the implementation. First you have the general implementation but I'm more worried about the additional implementation to detect and block spammers, users who insult others etc.

Because of this I have to decline this feature for now.