Custom Typing Tests - Incorrect Japanese Input

Alexander S shared this problem 2 years ago

When I type in Japanese using the Microsoft IME input which basically converts what I type on the normal QWERTY layout into Kana and then Kanji using space.

Basically, whenever I put Japanese words into the custom typing test it seems to carry over the previous word into the input for the new word and renders it as incorrect. So for example if I typed 時 (time) and then had the word インターネット (internet) after that it would show up as 時インターネット (timeinternet) when I complete typing 'internet' which counts as an error. To counter this issue I have to use backspace to delete the whole word or else I cannot type the correct word.

I have a one minute example shown in the video if you want to see one minute of me typing only wrong words.

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Indeed, in Japanese the space bar is also used to input the words. In other modes (normal / advanced / competition), the validation of a Japanese word is done via the enter key. This setting was made in these modes precisely because users first choose the language before typing (thus the setting changes accordingly). So to solve this problem in the custom typing test, we should be able to specify which language will be typed. Or make sure the site can detect it. Your idea of presets would be very useful here. :)


The custom typing test now detects if the language is either chinese or japanese and adjust the input method to "ENTER" instead of "SPACE".


Thank you!