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Daniel Zhao shared this idea 19 months ago
Under Consideration

Hello! I am very interested in analyzing the WPM data for 10FF users. I have spoken to members of the moderation team about analyzing the data myself, and the feedback has been mostly positive so far. Several members of the community have also approved of the idea.

WHY: 10FastFingers has one of the richest data sets in typing, considering its popularity and history. I believe a rigorous analysis of the data can provide useful insights not only to individuals who want a better sense of progress, but also how the 10FastFingers tests compare to other typing websites.

HOW: There are only around 600,000 10FastFingers accounts, and Microsoft Excel can handle 1,000,000 rows of data. Technical issues shouldn't be a problem since I would only need 4 numbers from each user: average, high, advanced average, and advanced high. If all 40 million tests need to be analyzed, I will take many random samples of 1,000,000 tests each and interpolate the percentages with a very high degree of accuracy. I have used Microsoft Excel for over 2 years, and I've analyzed several terabytes of data collected from radio signals in outer space, so I am well-qualified to study the data.


1. Detailed histograms of the user base from 0 to 220 words per minute, accompanied by the mean, median, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation of the scores (for both normal and advanced tests). These histograms would also include exact numbers of users.

2. A chart that depicts the percentiles of each WPM score up to 10 decimal places. A separate chart can be made for each CPM score as well.

3. Statistics about the average discrepancy between mean and high scores, along with standard deviation included for both normal and advanced tests.

4. Statistics about the average discrepancy between normal scores and advanced scores, with standard deviation (both mean and high scores from both tests will be compared).

My Discord tag is Spondulix#1701

Thank you for your consideration!

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It's been a long time since I'd like to have advanced stats on 10FF. I hope that will be possible someday.


I think the above suggestions are very good. I would like to add the following

1. Show the most troublesome words so these can show up more often.

2. Have specialist categories such a "computer programming" "Legal" "Business" etc.

I leave with one final comment. My typing improves when my concentration is at its highest. We need to find ways that really focuses ones mind.