Feature Request: Best Daily Streak

Guest shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

Hello Admins,

There are various good ideas are surroundings my mind. I'd like to describe one of them for now.

Add a feature Best daily streak as it's already mentioned on the title, it should count the best number of total days the user is present; once the user doesn't attends on the next day somehow (logging in to the 10FastFingers), it'll count from 1 again (in other words, it'll reset counting, but just highest total day of presence will be shown).

By this, there should be a badge for the best goal (e.g. 50 days, 100 days, 150 days). I'm sure the users will visit the site regular (everyday) to obtain the badges.

If you've any question(s) regards my recommendation, freely ask me.

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Thank you for this suggestion, definitely something I already had in mind, basically an activity streak.



Rewarding active users would be cool. But logging to 10FF doesn't require any special skills other than clicking a button. You don't even have to type after that, therefore you can be logged in without being active and do it only to get the badge, which makes no sense. For me, it would be just long and boring to have to do it 50 to 150 times just to get a badge that means nothing. :-/

LinuX, you should read this thread. Take a look at the "Zeal O'Typist" and "Devotion" badges. I find them more interesting. ;)


Fair point, then again, not all achievements have to be hard. Stackoverflow has/had a similiar achievement, I will take a look at their implementation and will probably mirror mine to theirs if it makes sense.