"Flawless" badges?

Joe Dague shared this problem 3 years ago

My last 15 tests have 0 Wrong Words, with a low WPM of 88, but I only have received the "Flawless 3" badge. I noticed when my streak hit 5 that I did not get the 5 badge, so I did the last 10 in one sitting, hitting the "reload" button after each. (I do have Corrections on all of these tests, but previously when I got the Flawless 3 badge, I also had corrections in those tests.)

Is there a particular sequence to make these tests qualify for the badge? Or is there a known issue here?

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Hello Joe,

please send me your user id or profile link url via email, it should work but I will have to investigate if there is an issue.


Mine is fixed now - thank you, Christian!