Graph (last 500 results for each typing mode)

Linsk shared this problem 2 years ago


Actually it's both a question and a problem. On the graph we can read "last 500 results for each typing mode".

Does this mean "the last 500 tests in normal mode + the last 500 tests in advanced mode" (ie 1000 points)? Or "250 + 250" (ie 500 points)?

I naturally expected to see at least 500 points.

However, I noticed that the maximum number of results displayed on the graph was 400 points (200 in normal + 200 in advanced).

Besides, when I select a language that I typed in only one mode, 200 points are displayed at maximum.

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I think the wording might be from a previous version, code-wise this is how it works right now:

the normal graph shows max 50 results for a specific language and a specific mode (normal + advanced).

the fullscreen graph does the same but with 200 results instead. If you have more than 200 results it will grab the last 200 results for your mode. If you have less than 200 in one mode, those won't be added to the other mode, its always a maximum of 200 for each mode.

The limitations is for performance sake. The profile page is currently the slowest, most resource intensive, page on 10FastFingers. It will probably be redesigned in the future to show less data on pageload (therefore saving resources) and additional data can be loaded by accessing the specific menu points. The graph data might also be reduced, depending on how much resources are needed to grab the data from the db. I'm also thinking about adding some kind of "premium" features for users (those user could for example access their whole graph data).

The reason why these features would be hidden behind a paywall is the following: If everyone would have access to it, it would cripple the site. But if only paying users would have access to it, its not as impactful and they would also basically pay for the the additional server resources needed.

Currently this is just a thought as the premium/supporter feature would also take a while to implement.