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ignore whitespace in anticheat

中川かのん shared this problem 12 months ago

In some languages, the Input Method Engines (IMEs) using space key to trigger a "select-and-submit" from the candidate box to the input box (on the website).

FYI, this is a candidate box in Chinese.


If I press space, the word "举个栗子" will be put on the input box.

In the main typing test it works pretty well. The space itself is logged and it advanced to the next word. However on the anticheat mode, user need to manually press space TWICE to make it produce a real "whitespace" character. This problem drastically breaks the "rhythm" of Chinese input and make significantly slower performance than the standard mode.

One possible solution towards this problem is, we can ignore the whitespace character in antichat. Even in English mode, because English typing also requires pacing between words so no one will accelerate by omitting the space.

Several languages besides Chinese are also suffered, e.g. Japanese. Please take it into account.