Im getting slower at typing

Bitbatgaming Pangs shared this idea 2 weeks ago
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My wpm used to be 80 wpm but now its 73. I need some help

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I do not consider myself an expert but when it happens to me it works for me:

First, I take a rest. I don't know why exactly but when I'm typing following the same routine or the same kind of text I slow down. I have noticed that if I take a rest my speed improve after a little break of minutes, hours or even days.

Secondly, break the routine and try with a different kind of text even language. It really works very well for me. When I don't see any progress I change the target language or the kind of exercise, for example, I try with full or personalized text instead of taking competitions or timed tests.

Finally, what I usually do to improve either my accuracy or speed is to change the style of typing. For example, I slow down my speed typing to be more accurate but at the same time, I try to write more constant and without making any pause between the words.

I hope these tips are useful to you.