Korean typing test word deconstructing problem

Christian Strang shared this problem 3 years ago

Hello, I was using Korean typing test.

And I figured if I type too fast(probably over 130 wpm), it deconstruct the word into consonants/vowels.

Examples such as 없 -> ㅇㅓㅄ, 한 -> ㅎㅏㄴ, etc. I figured out it only happens right after new word, for only first character.

I thought it might be my computer or web-browser's problem but then typing in some other web-based place didn't have problem such as Google document, or even search bar.

Hopefully one day i can test my full speed :D

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Yes same problem for mef5b167a2e29c529aa47f63ca28d10ce4


It looks like flushing buffer problem.

In Korean, typing needs to be 'focused' to constructing words together.

You know, after once you typed '다' and clicked somewhere, you can't edit it as '달' anymore until you erasing and rewriting it.

When you type so fast, the beginning consonant of the next word appears in buffer like '끝내다 ㅇ'

and after flush, only 'ㅇ' left 'unfocussed'.

So, that 'ㅇ' can't be constructed anymore and goes like 'ㅇㅡㅁ'.

Yup, I know this issue written in ancient times, but until now, this case is unsolved.

I suggest you to take a moment just for 0.01 second after you type space bar or enter to give the computer take a time to flush completely.