May I be pardoned for cheated scores set a year and a half ago?

Mason McCalicher shared this question 6 months ago
Need Answer

My account:

When I first created my account in February of 2016 I used scripts for three tests, none of which I was able to unlock. I did it out of purely boredom, not intending to place on the top of the leaderboards or steal competitions (The cheated scores ranged from 136 to 159 in English), and besides, none of them were unlocked.

Fast forward to this year; I began typing again in April of 2017 and have used various accounts to access 10FF, but only having access to my school laptop, when they blocked my access to using accounts that weren't linked to my school email I was forced to use my old account (with the cheated scores). All of my tests since my surge of activity were taken letimitately, as proven by several videos ( I decided to unlock the 136, in the event I surpass it in the future, but upon doing so I was banned for the tests I had taken over a year prior.

Seeing as I'm much more active now, and I haven't cheated in awhile nor intend to cheat, is there any way to unban my account? I'm unable to access other accounts, and I'd like to be able to set achievements and place in competitions again.