Multiplayer competition: false negative bug

Peter Elroy shared this idea 9 months ago
Under Consideration

Fantastic website, been enjoying it a long time. To help make it a tiny bit better, here's something I noticed when buckling down on the multiplayer competitions; the typing field sometimes registers my word as wrong, and all I have to do is remove the word I was subsequently typing and the space that separated the two words. If I do that and press space again, the word becomes accepted and I can move on to the next. Not sure why, but there seems to be nothing wrong with the word itself, as I make no change to it.

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I really hope he can get this fixed soon. Once the multiplayer runs well, I might never get off this site lol


Since typing this, I additionally realised that it has something to do with the space character not registering properly for word verification. I can see in the typing field that there is a space where it should be, but I just have to press it again for the word to be registered as correct. This can be done retroactively after subsequent words have been registered as correct. This bug is the only reason why I'm currently not playing multiplayer, would love to see it fixed.


i totally agree with you. Its been a bug since the vanilla of multiplayer and its still there.

It's so frustrating when u type fast and suddenly you cant proceed to the next word because u need you press space x2 times and some times even backspace in order to proceed.

I hope it will get fix soon.


Is this going to get fixed anytime soon?

Christian Strang?


We are donating every month and we are not even getting an answer! Fix the god damn space in multiplayer so we can race properly!


Sadly, this won't be fixed for a while as I don't work with the same team anymore that created the test (not working with them because of these constant unresolved issues). For me to fix it I would have to focus on the multiplayer mode, maybe rebuild it from scratch and that is currently not a priority, sorry.


Thank you for the answer. We will support you on this , you are not alone. Just stick with us.

Since its not the priority what are the priority's if you don't mind?


same thing here but i don't think it as an "idea" its more likely a "problem" there, because it lowers our WPM in typing competition. then, while trying to correct those words, you think: where did i make mistake? and looking at two words next to each other both of them written correctly. by instict, most likely you delete but that time u mess up and while pressing space you have to rewrite your correctly written word for no reason! that's the case with me.