Multiplayer SPACE bar issue...

simplepinoi177 shared this problem 8 months ago

When playing in multiplayer (not alpha fyi), the space bar constantly doesn't register in the prompt with all the words, but it does in the typing box! So, there ends up being two words (it shouldn't be possible as SPACE is supposed to trigger the next word or a mistake on spelling)! But continuing to press the SPACE bar, it registers the first word of the two (which comes out as correctly inputted and am credited the word), clears the first word and leaves the second word; where pressing SPACE bar again registers the second word and clears it. After, it finally returns back in "sync".

This can happen 3+ times in a "match". I would be typing 105+ WPM, but I would witness other players typing at 120+; so I have my doubts that it is the quick typing. Maybe it is a different type of keyboard, layout, or even medium...

I am using the latest Google Chrome browser (72.0.3626.96), and am using Windows 7 Pro. If it is pertinent, I am using a Lenovo T530 (keyboard).

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Same issue here, but only with one of my keyboards. If I go do a normal typing test I have no issues. Very frustrating that I cannot do multiplayer with my preferred keyboard.