Multiplayer typing test

Cédric Bouillot shared this question 2 months ago
Need Answer

Bonjour, est-ce que vous prévoyez de faire un "Multiplayer typing test" en version Française ? Afin que ce soit plus facilement jouable pour les personnes Française, bonne soirée !

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Yeah hey, Get rid of the stupid thing where if your opponent leaves then the race is over. Literally someone sees me typing 145 wpm and they leave. I just typed all that for no reason. Get rid of it please. Also get rid of typing before the race starts. Some times you can start before the race actually begins and whatever you typed before it started you start there. So get rid of it. :/


why you need to type with this much speed first of all???? we cant even type 100wpm.. you deserves that :v :p (^_^)