New global classification (top overall ranking)

Jeronimo Kmkz shared this idea 8 months ago
Under Consideration


What do you think about an absolute global classification? My idea was top20, but could be any number up to a maximum of 54, the number of 10ff's languages.

Basically it's to create a classification with the best score (top1) in every language in the last 24 hours. The concept is "one language - one score - one user" but we can do slightly modifications about it (if we ignore the limitation of "user", in the next example we'd see "Nova I Bochum" two times in the class, cause he's top1 in French and German).

This classification it could be shown next to the "Global Challenge", "Top Ranking" or in the mode list (under "top1000" for example). It could also be useful for moderators for an easier way to control scores or possible cheats. I see this as a new form of competition, as an incentive for new players and to give more visibility to less-played languages.

Thus, the classification would be this way (it's an example with the right now scores, at the moment that I am writing the message):

Username WPM Ago Language

1. Snarly 210 21h Korean

2. Vishy 189 15h English

3. Residobe 187 7h Portuguese

4. Nova I Bochum 180 7h French

5. Kritzelman 162 16h German

6. Anulares 161 11h Spanish

7. -[ Dimas A.K. ]- 158 23h Indonesian

8. N1ckn1ght 157 23h Russian

9. Adina Elvenmark 152 20h Swedish

10. Macroking 152 12h Turkish

11. Tamás 151 19h Hungarian

12. taka 145 9h Japanese

13. trungtb 142 23h Vietnamese

14. Yazan Yaghmour 140 9h Arabic

15. arneB 138 7h Norwegian

16. Benjamin Best... 134 22h Persian

17. 吳透可 132 4h Chinese (Traditional)

18. janglad 131 7h Dutch

19. Abc Def 130 13h Italian

20. Pankaj Parashar 123 22h Hindi

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Having this ranking for all languages, so a top 54, would be great.


This idea is great and it can be very interesting . I support it!


awesome idea! would like to see this


This idea is great and it can be very interesting . I support it!