now my speed is 70 wpm. how to reach 100 wpm.please reply me

Vignesh Kumar Mech shared this question 6 months ago
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now my speed is 70 wpm .. how to reach 100 wpm

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Type. Type type type. Practice makes you better. I used to be stuck in the 90s, then after a few weeks of typing every day I could make 100-105 almost every time. I've continued that for nearly a year and now I very very rarely score below 115.


I am in the same situation as you ^^


You should practice, and if you have not already, use correct finger placement for your keyboard.


as other people said, you should practice. There is a tip which I learn from professional typist in the internet. You should try to make no mistake when typing by type slow on difficult words and type fast on easy words. After some practice, your hand and your brain will remember the pattern of difficult words and your speed will be improved. By following this tip, I can increase my speed from 60+wpm to 80+wpm. My best score is 95 wpm.

Hope it can help you.


Just use the proper finger position when typing .