Practice your worst words

Christian Strang shared this idea 2 years ago

Words that are frequently typed incorrectly or slowly should be recorded, and practice sessions should be available to type these words to improve on our weakest skills. This feature would drastically help typists improve their WPM.


Give a feedback on the worst combinations of letters, and potentially practice them (e.g. all the words the have "qu" in them).

As opposed to practicing specific word, that you have trouble with, (which is like a symptom of a problem), this will attack the problem itself, (e.g. such as difficulty in typing 'x' after 'e' due to the way fingers work).

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This is what a typing tool really wants!

It really helps one to improve their typing skills. A section where user can see all the difficult words / alphabets / numbers / special characters sorted and the no:of times typed wrong. So that we can be more aware when typing that word, there-by increase accuracy and speed.

Appreciate if this feature is included.


Sadly a "tracking" feature of your worst words isn't available and isn't currently planned. Only in the scope of a supporter feature where users pay a monthly fee and get more advanced features. A "worst word" tracking feature could be a great fit for supporters as it uses additional server-resources which would basically paid by the users that use this feature.

That being said, I recently implemented a customizable typing test:

You can add your own words and make other adjustments (currently: duration and randomization).