Previous Test Result Export Option?

Luca B shared this idea 32 days ago
Under Consideration

Would it be possible for an option to be added that would allow users to export their previous typing test results (WPM, keystrokes, corrections, etc.) to a document stored on their computer?

I, and probably many other users, would find this very helpful, as I would like to have a record of how my typing speed and accuracy has progressed throughout my life. Currently, to do this, I would have to manually copy the test results from the graph in the profile page to a file, which would take a while to do.

If this would be too much trouble to implement, then perhaps a different option could be implemented that would display all of a user's test results in a window, allowing the user to copy-and-paste them into a document of their own.

Either of these implementations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!