Remove diacritics from romanian

J3lly shared this idea 14 months ago

No one uses diacritics for romanian as it replaces ";<>/[]" and you have to type extra fast to compensate for mistakes made because of the diacritics

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Hello! I would like to bring this back under attention! Diacritics should at least be removed from the Standard Typing Test and be kept on the Advanced typing one.



Why don't you just use the standard Romanian layout?


Because we just don't. It's not really a common thing amongst Romanians to use diacritics when writing on a computer. Most of us learned to type using the US/UK layout. I have no pleasure in taking the test knowing that diacritics will slow me down a lot and the result won't have any relevance for me because I never type with diacritics.


You are on a multilingual typing site, not on a Romanian chat. If you go on other well-known typing sites offering various languages, such as TypeRacer or Intersteno, you will see that the Romanian texts have diacritics, as expected for this language.

I'm aware that some Romanians prefer to type their language incorrectly. However I'm in contact with a Romanian woman on Facebook and she writes with all diacritics. So there are also Romanians who are concerned about the right writing of their language, not to mention those who study this language around the world.

Why don't you learn to type correctly since you have all the tools to do it? If you don't have the right keyboard, just change your keyboard layout, it only takes a few clicks. Not used to it? Where's the problem? The Romanian layout is based on the qwerty, with diacritics in addition on the right side, so it doesn't require a considerable adaptation time (it's much simpler than switching from the Latin alphabet to Cyrillic!).

Typing Romanian without diacritics changes the meaning and pronunciation of words. This creates confusion and words that do not exist. But if you are Romanian, you already know all that. So what's the point of typing faster if your expression is not clear?

I'm French and in France there are also many people who neglect their language and who communicate without accents, without respecting spelling or grammar or even in SMS style. But if they want to type French here, they must type the language correctly and therefore they make some efforts. Yes, 10FF is fun, but it's also an opportunity to show and follow the right way to type. Do you respect your language so little that you don't want to make any effort for it?

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