Romanian - Special characters removed from (regular) Typing Test.

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It's been a while since I've been here and I've noticed that Romanian now has special characters on both tests, normal and advanced. While it makes sense to have it in advanced, most Romanian people don't type with special characters (âășț) and adding them both requires adding the language to Windows keyboard layout (normally not installed) as well as getting used to typing them in each word. For me in particular that lowers my speed probably to half - 130-140 to 70 wpm and it's very frustrating.

This was not the case in the past as normal test didn't have special characters for Romanian. Either removing them from the regular test or adding an option to enable/disable special characters would be greatly appreciated as, for the moment, the test is somewhat unusable for me. I nave no need/desire to learn typing with special characters.

Thanks for taking the time.

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It's linked to this topic:

More details in the comments there. Though it's "correctly" spelled with the special characters, it's definitely not the common way to type in Romanian. People that work with PCs don't switch languages for the special characters (usually) and, unless you work in a public institution and need type out official statements or if you're writing a scientific paper in Romanian, you most likely will not be using the special characters. Some people don't even know how to enable them in Windows. I would dare say that the vast majority of users don't type with them in Romanian, judging by the comments I see on Facebook for example, and the ones that do are using auto-correct from their mobile phones.

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Hello Theo,

This point was discussed with the admin who agrees to remove the Romanian diacritics in the normal mode and keep them in the advanced mode.

This should be done as soon as he is no longer busy. ;)

Here is the normal wordlist without diacritics:



Thank you kindly for your reply and good news!

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