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Test taken Achievement badges! After 1k? Please!

Merrick Phillips shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

Heres my idea, as far as i can see. We have lots of Achievement badges. But only up to 1k for the regular type tests.

I propose that we should have some more Incentive after that. More Achievement badges upon the completion of X number of normal type tests.

Just like the competition badges that are displayed right below the normal ones.

As i can see the completion achievement badges also only go up to 1k?

can the hardcore 10ff site visitors have a new badge for both modes competition and regular type tests beyond 1k?

I feel this would give the site uses more motovation to keep typing to stay typing. Not sure if this idea has already been proposed.

But its an idea and its here

Thank your for taking the time to read this idea. take care

-Merrick Phillips