the competitions should be according to the level of the participants

Hector PG shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

In the last two months, the same users won all the competitions that I joined. It's because of the huge difference levels among the participants. For instance, the Spanish typing competitions always are won either for "Dntrotamundos", who joins EVERY SINGLE DAY TO ALL THE SPANISH COMPETITIONS or for "sepigarua" who not always but many times joins almost ever.

Many few users can reach 160 WPM. It's unfair that all the others users have to compete with these privilege users and it's very frustrating to know that you will never be able to win a competition, no matter how well you do it because the elite players never give you a chance to win.

I think it will be great for everybody either to classify the competitions for levels or to put a daily limit of competitions to these privilege users.


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Hello Hector,

What's the point of winning a competition and unlocking an achievement if for that you evacuate the best competitors by throwing up roadblocks? Do you have an ego problem?

Almost all badges are very easy to unlock. Fortunately, some are more difficult, otherwise where is the challenge and motivation that follows?

Would you like all those who are better than you to decide to let you win to satisfy you? Would you feel stronger? Or more deserving?

If you don't win, there's a good reason: there are better people than you. Your frustration comes from that, not from the system. I understand your frustration. But I can't agree with your desire to put in place a system that would destroy the very definition of competition.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that the best typists win. It's not a privilege given to them, but simply the logic of competition, where luck doesn't really plays. If you were the best and others were trying to change the site to keep you from winning, wouldn't you find that unfair?

Your frustration comes from your expectations that are out of step with the principle of competition. If you decide to compete, then you accept the existence of stronger than you, and therefore you accept the possibility of losing. If you can't stand losing or not being the strongest, then stop the competition, otherwise it will drive you crazy.

Creating groups of different levels is a false good idea because the winners will also be the same. Only their usernames will change. The big boss will be replaced by a smaller boss who will jump at the chance. What will you say then? Will you be asking for groups every 10 or 5 WPM? It would no longer make sense.

If a victory limit was set, it would be the same. And while we are there, why not limit the WPM and the tests taken?

But in the end, whatever you do, you'll always find someone better than you, unless you're typing alone in your corner.

Asking for a point system is, in my opinion, the best answer to your wish for recognition.


Hello Linsk, I'm glad for your answer. I appreciate you have addressed what I pointed out about the competition system giving the chance to talk about it.

First of all, I would like to answer all of your questions, which is going to give the chance at the same time, to clarify what I tried to say.

The first question you do is about my motivation: if my real motivation for suggesting the improvment of the competition system is not really "enhance" the competition and create a fairer and better system, instead, you come up with the idea that I'm boosted by my ego and selfish desires.

Well, I have to say that of course not, I don't believe I'm the most important person in the world, neither of this website nor other particular area or situation in my personal life, whether they are in my work or in my personal relationships.

But, now you mention it, you have helped me to realize that the fact of the same users winning, even and even again, for several months, 24/7, all the competitions, maybe it's due to a strong desire for prominence and protagonism, either way, this is not relevant, because even if it is the cause or not, the fact is that the competitions are clearly monopolized by few users, and this is not a problem particularly for me but for the 99,...% of the users which don't have any motivation to participate in any competitons in order to win, because before the competitons starts, everybody knows who will be the winner, and even worse, the users who have a lower average level they know that they will never have the chance to win even if one day "by chance" one of these elite users don't join to the competition. You said (in another post) that there are not enough players for creating competitions by levels, well, here you see one of the possible reasons that can explain that: there are not more people in the competitions and don't enroll more often because they don't have any motivation to win, they join just to "participate" for enjoyment or entertainment but never for "competing to win".

This is my answer to the question you ask about the motivation to participate.

And it leads me to answer the other questions you ask if I consider it's unfair to keep users from winning. Of course, it's unfair to keep someone from winning for no reason, I'm not saying that it is unfair the skilled users win many times or most of the time, what I'm saying is that, in order to avoid that few players can monopolize the entire game and all the competitions, it would be great to consider improving the system, which is very possible, not just creating the competitions for level ranks, there are many others possibilities, like for example to put a reasonable limit for taking competitions during the week or during the month, or other ideas to enhance it, as you mentioned, a system by points or whatever.

The idea to create fairer and "real competitions" when more people have real chance to "compete" (because when already there is a winner before starting there is not "competition" at all) will be great for the web page, which will be benefited for a huge increase of active users, a popularity growth, users enjoyment and satisfaction and it will be good for the elite users, who can keep winning hundred and hundred of competitions but without monopolizing exclusively the game for themselves.

Thanks LIsk, I appreciate to talk with you.


When I speak of a lack of competitors, it's not about the most typed languages ​​such as English, Turkish or Indonesian, but languages ​​less practiced on the site like Finnish, Azerbaijani, Icelandic, Esperanto and others. There are very few people because they are more difficult or less popular languages, not because typists are disgusted by the winners (who are almost nonexistent).

What you don't seem to understand yet is that no matter what your motivations are and no matter whether 5, 10, 20 or 50 groups are created or a limit of 1 win per typist per day is set up, the result will still be the same: nothing will change. People have different levels and therefore there will always be reccuring winners and losers as long as we talk about competition.

You can notice that in all areas of life where there are competitions (eg sports), it's always the same few who win and monopolize the rankings. It's like that and it's not going to change. What you want (giving everyone the same chance to win) is simply impossible in this context, unless you permanently remove all modes where there is a ranking. In this case, only the custom mode and the top 1000 will remain.

Your dream might be possible in another mode called "The World of Cute Teddy Bears Where Everyone Wins Every Time" but I'm not really convinced of the usefulness of such a concept.