Top 1000 Mode Needs sprucing up

P. Phan shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

Give more encouragement to try this feature. If the point of Top 1000 Words mode is to train or challenge users, it should not force them to grind through trivial content, and it should offer badges. Or, it can be one badge that changes and gets better as they get through the content. Any test scores they've submitted can be used to insert them at an appropriate difficulty level.

Here are some basic ideas.

First of all, for beginning users, there should be some badges for initial successes. This will keep them engaged.

For typists that can score 80-140+ on the Normal Test, they shouldn't have to do the beginning exercises. They should be qualified to start on TOp 250 words and put on a faster track, and they should get cool badges. There should be an automatic "boss-kill" of the Top 200 words lesson, with 3, 4 or 5 stars.

If a user can already score 140+ on the Advanced Typing test, there is almost no need for softcore mode. They should get all softcore badges automatically and inserted in Hardcore Top 1000 Words Modules.

TLDR: More Top 1000 Words Mode badges, and insert users at the correct difficulty level for Top 1000 Mode.

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Second this! I understand the desire for a sense of progression, but for the purpose of using it to practice specific sections of the "Top 1000" words, it does currently feel like a nonessential grind.

BADGES! I want these so badly for the Top 1000 mode, but I understand if that section of the site is so underused that it doesn't feel justified to make the modifications to the profile page.

I hope this goes somewhere!


I think it's a shame that the site mainly focuses on the top 200 words mode which only really helps to improve the speed for those 200 and not much beyond that. I agree that users should be incentivized to explore the site more instead of sticking only to the normal test, perhaps even giving badges for participating in different languages as well.

Personally I'm not sure if 140 wpm on advanced should unlock hardcore immediately as I feel users should at least go through some sort of "tutorial" where they do softcore before getting into hardcore, perhaps just have them start at the Top 901-1000 instead. Though softcore isn't that different from the normal test so this isn't really a strong opinion of mine

The start of the top 1000 is fairly easy so yeah anybody above average WPM should be able to skip that and go ahead to other exercises.

I'm not sure about immediately giving badges as users should have to do something before receiving a badge, I mean even if you're completely overpowered you still have to defeat the boss to get the achievement, so perhaps 140+ wpm advanced users should be able to skip through the 50 word tests and just deal with the boss directly to get the badge. + to expand on the first idea maybe just have them beat all the bosses before they can get into hardmode, far less work compared to doing all of the tests but more than just completing the last module

I don't have any particular ideas about what to do with badges but I'll try and offer some input

For badge ideas there could be one badge per module in softcore and hardcore, maybe the badge could have a different appearance depending on how many stars you get for the boss test and hardcore would simply be a different colour

Though if only one type of appearance is allowed for each badge then maybe different badges for getting above a certain amount of stars on all tests/bosses

Perhaps we could add more badges and have people be able to unlock more badges for doing the top 1000 softcore/hardcore in different languages as well as there is no way for another person to track how many times they've done the top 1000 in other languages unlike normal/advanced tests.


Thank you for adding Discord Chat Roles for these top modes. No doubt, there will be people taking up the challenge for these roles. Profile badges on the site would be icing on the cake!