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Typing Certificate

Christian Strang shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I think in every link result you provide for a certain user. It's a good idea to add the Username... that is to make sure or as a proof that the user achieve such level.... The current share link or share to facebook linke shows no user OR date as to when this level has been achieve and can be cheated by other users...


Certificates for speeds, such as 50 wpm with 98.00 or plus accuracy, or 60 wpm, or 70 wpm with 98.00 plus accuracy and each time a person gets over a speed.

A platinum speed with an accuracy of say 90% plus accuracy

A gold certificate with accuracy of say between 80 to 90% accuracy

A silver certificate with say between 70 to 80% accuracy


A great way to increase your website's exposure would be to collaborate with well-known universities/academic organizations. This collaboration would allow for users who exceed a higher than average WPM, say 80 WPM, to be able to purchase (extra profit for you) and print out REAL certificates for use in our resume, CVs, etc.

You profit from this, and your users who have good typing skills also profit from being able to show their prospective employers their typing skills from a reliable source.


Please give a certificate for passing the typing test because every organization asl for typing certificate and your website is well known wesite of Typing so if you also give typing certificate after taking test so it is very helpfull for us......