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Nikolas Nikolaides shared this problem 17 months ago
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I wonder why someone can join every single typing competition in english version lets say, and win all of them.

Lets say for an example someone who is typing 180wpm (Breaking the keyboard) , he can join every single english competition and be rank 1 and win all of them.

This way there is no competion when the same person is rank 1 in every english typing competition.

I think it would be better to join only 1 competion per language per day per user.

Give more users the chance to be competitive in the competitions!

Here is an example what i mean, same person in every english comp in rank 1. Not even sure if this guy is even legit.






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I wonder why he could not?

What is not clear in the word "competition"? This mode is not intended to make everyone victorious. This is not a distribution of chocolate medals. This is not a matter of chances but of skills.

You should vote for this idea instead: https://10fastfingers.useresponse.com/topic/score-system-for-competitions


I think what is happening is wrong.When a single person can beat all of the competitions in english language P.S and this h appends for many days in a row then it is no longer called competition. I am not saying he is not skilled , but it makes no sense to apply for all of the competitions at the same time. It's like Barcelona comes and play in every league in each country and wins the championship every single time. Nice competition ! If someone can join multiple turneys at the same time then why there are multiple english competitions instead of just one? The same person is winning x10 english competions per day just because there are many and he can join in every single one and win it.

Just to make my self clear. i am not complaining because i can't win. I am skilled enough and i am happy where i am. But in the years i've been using 10FF , it has been always the same and i wanted to tell my opinion to improve the system.



I understand your point of view and your desire to improve the system. But this situation won't change, whatever the system, because it's inherent to the concept of competition. The same people will always win one or more competitions of the day all the time.

Imagine that competitions are limited to 1 per day and per language (so 54 competitions per day). What do you think it will happen? The same few typists, among the fastest, will always fight for each unique competition. So for others, what will change? Nothing. On the contrary, it will be worse because there will be only one chance per day to win for everyone.

Now imagine that each participant is limited to one victory per day and per language (and therefore a participation limited to 1 competition per day and per language). The best typists will be able to take the first competitions that come. Then the less good will have to wait for the last competitions (once the best will have passed, if they pass all) and hope to be the best in one of the last competitions. Instead of having always the same unique winner on all competitions, we'll have the same group of best typists always victorious. What will this change in the end for all the others? Nothing.

There is not a single typist able to win all competitions of the day, there are many others. So even with a limitation, it will always be the best ones who will win the most. This is the principle of competition. And the less competition there is, the more difficult it is to win.

There will always be people to say that this is not a good system since there will always be the same winners and the same losers who don't have the skills to win a single competition.

If we really want to give everyone more chances of winning, rather than limiting, I think that we should, on the contrary, considerably increase the number of possible competitions per day, so that one and the same person don't have time to do them all everyday. But it would require hundreds of competitions a day and I fear that it is too heavy to manage for the site, that it limits considerably the participation in each competition (less than 5 participants) and that in the end it doesn't change anything. ;)


Hey Linsk,

First of all i want to thank you for participate on this website so much. You have made alot for this website and we should all be thankful and listen to your opinions.

I totally agree with you on this , i don't want either just one competition in each language instead of what we have right now because it just wont change anything.

We cannot increase the increase the number of competitions per day because as you said it will be very hard to manage , also it is not working with just 1 competition per day per language.

If you don't mind open a threat and ask for peoples opinion on this. Lets put our ideas down and vote for the best one for a better 10FF.

The Best,




I think we can discuss it on the thread I linked you above. I will give my proposal.