Typing Games (everything related to different typing modes)

Christian Strang shared this idea 1 year ago
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Post your ideas and suggestions about different typing modes and games in this topic.

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Typing games should require you to think a bit on game strategy instead of just showing words for you to type to clear an obstacle or threat (e.g. enemies come in your direction and you kill them by typing words). That is too silly.

The best game I know, Type Trek, is DOS based, from the 90's. I used to play it as a kid, and use it again now I really decided to learn touch type. In this game you make choices: destroy the enemy with torpedo or phasers, go to base and refuel or keep hunting enemies, etc. They are simple, but much more entertaining then simple endless typing.

You can play it here:


Here is my idea: a strategy game, in the style of WarCraft, StarCraft, Age of Empires, etc., and you play it typing!

Typing commands: build barracks, build supply depots, build mine... Train soldier, train archer... Send soldiers to attack, send archers to attack... And all action can have location chosen by typing according to a map with words in zones. So you give a command by typing multiple words:

1. select these soldiers 2. to attack 3. this enemy.

1.select these workers 2. to gather resources 3. in this mine.

And great if you can choose the words list, and programming gold medal if you can focus on your weak keys.

PS: if someone actually make it, please remember to add multiple languages, just like 10fastfingers, which is great for me to practice in Portuguese.