Vietnamese: Anti-cheat-test (Too many pictures with untypable characters)

Bảo Phúc Hoàng shared this problem 21 months ago
Not a Problem

For example: you can't type many characters in this picturece0126121e0e5cce9e71c3eb07a40493

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You don't have to type all characters to finish the test, just type the first 15 words and submit the result.


My network is pretty slow so it took some time to load the image (and I'm pretty sure many others from my country having the same problem), so i need to type all to kind of "Neutralize" the time loss. But these images really annoyed me sometimes. Thanks for the reply though. I was having a bad time trying to confirm my 130 WPM xD


Ah, you are right, haven't considered the delay. I previously tried to debug this issue but could never figure out what causes this.


Maybe let the timer start right at the moment you typed something in the box? just like the normal typing test but without highlight-reading


that wouldn't work, cheaters could just type everything in an external program and than copy/paste the result. This implementation is the only way to at least keep the script-kiddies honest.


yeah haven't considered about it... btw how about this?:

when an user click on "load the image" button, the image is loaded, but it's not showing up, just being stored on the machine buffer. Then it'd said "Image loaded, type enter to start". When the user press Enter it shows up. I think it's quite simple using a lil bit of JavaScript, and by using this way it'd remove the delay caused by slow network. About users who try to Inspect Element, or use View Source to see the image, just do things so that any mouse click event or keyboard pressing event after the image loaded triggers the timer.

Hope this would help you somehow!


Once the image is loaded on the users computer, the user would be able to view the file, even though its hidden.


But any event triggers the timer, so how would they do that? even if they pre-read that, it's non-sense since they still have to type the text, and if they press anything or switch between applications, it triggers the timer. Or maybe maximum (const) seconds delay? (about 2)


Basically you have to send the image to the client and as soon as the image is on the clients computer, you can observe it (even though its hidden with javascript its super easy to just "make it visible"). Now that I think about it, the best way would be to check if the image has been transmitted and then start the timer. Might need to improve that in the future!