Wrong WPM after Test

Ruben SIdon shared this problem 1 year ago

I have a problem, sometimes i get a wrong WPM-Solution after i finish my typingtest.

Actually I got this 2 times. And for 1 I have a proof!


the graph shows me that i got 14 WPM and that I wrote 86 words (73 wrong + 13 correct) with only 69 keystrokes! This is not even possible?! This is a bug...

The 39 WPM tile in my graph is also a bug. But I think I can't prove that. :c


Bugs like that destroys my graph!

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Hi Ruben,

this bug is nasty (hard to debug) and I haven't figured out what causes this (its in there for as long as I can remember). I know this is really bad, especially as it unfairly distorts your chart :(


yeah, I know this problem when there is something wrong and you can't really debug because the problem appears randomly.. I'm also a programmer.. :D

Maybe you should make something that checks if the solution is possible. I mean something like

if (wordstyped > keystrokes){ validity_of_solution = false; }

Just an idea... :D

Maybe you just have something like that, but I think it isn't working fine. :c


By the way I mean result, not solution. That was a mistake.


I just experienced the same problem. Just wanted to let you know this still exists.


I type an average of 160 wpm in German and sometimes I get results of 100, 60 or even less wpm because of this bug. It doesn't happen that often but is quite annoying cause it screws up your average wpm graph. It still exists and it still happens like once a week to me. It makes my graph look like this http://puu.sh/w8SBY/44c98098e6.png lol.