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Declined Anup K. Comments: 2 Reply 4 months ago by Christian S.
75 votes

WPM-based levels/rankings

Under Consideration Christian S. 23 months ago No Comments
72 votes

Export feature

Declined Petrosilius Z. 23 months ago No Comments
66 votes

Type Marathon.

Declined The M. Comments: 1 Reply 18 months ago by Christian S.
66 votes

Typing history and word timing for tests

Declined İbrahim D. 19 months ago No Comments
64 votes

separate achievements column for each language

Declined Anup K. 20 months ago No Comments
60 votes

audio option

Declined Gökhan K. 22 months ago No Comments
56 votes

Remove diacritics from romanian

Completed J3lly Comments: 4 Reply 7 months ago by Linsk
51 votes
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