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Under Consideration Daniel Z. Comments: 2 Reply 8 months ago by Sean K.
39 votes

My results are not visible in the competition no the active anti-cheat-test.

Under Consideration AMIR 2. Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by AMIR 2.
45 votes

Multiplayer competition: false negative bug

Under Consideration Peter E. Comments: 7 Reply 12 months ago by Ravil S.
145 votes

Remove minimum requirement before taking 10FF Advanced Test?

Under Consideration P. P. Comments: 1 Reply 13 months ago by loboru27
37 votes

Top 1000 Mode Needs sprucing up

Under Consideration P. P. Comments: 3 Reply 13 months ago by P. P.
37 votes

what are your tips for writing fast (technical)?

Under Consideration VWWV8847 Comments: 1 Reply 14 months ago by VWWV8847
14 votes

Multiplayer Typing Test

Completed Christian S. Comments: 5 Reply 15 months ago by SKYLAR P.
219 votes

Gregg Typing

Under Consideration Guinette M. Comments: 3 Reply 15 months ago by Guinette M.
11 votes

Expanding on Patrick Becker's suggestion for a better competition system.

Under Consideration Euler271 Comments: 3 Reply 16 months ago by Linsk
12 votes
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