could you give me list top 200 english words?

Pavel Karmazin shared this question 5 months ago
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I want to see the current database of English words for "Typing Test (Top 200 Words)" and "Multiplayer typing test (Eng)". I hope that this is the same, not two different ;) And there are really 200 words - or more?

i really appreciate for your answer.

thankyou very much

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for general question - I mean Typing competition, not multiplayer test.

and same list top 200 russian words for "Typing test (top 200 words)" and "Typing competition", please!



For English, you can have the top 200 words if you go to the custom typing test. Then click "Open Settings" to see the list (the words are separated with the pipe character "|"). These are the same in typing test and typing competition but I'm not sure about the multiplayer typing test.

For other languages, I can't help unfortunately :/ .


Maybe Chinese or Japanese learners also want this kind of lists.

How to read and pronounce the words are vital to type, so it needs to be memorized.