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Christian Strang shared this idea 2 years ago
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It would be nice if you got points for competitions based on your placing rather than having a single winner. When one fast typist decides to participate in each competition, it makes it hard for anyone else to get anything out of it. First place could get X points, second place Y points, and so on. You could then also track a "total competition points" on people's profiles.

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Related to https://10fastfingers.usere... in a sense that everybody should get rewarded, because today it isn't fair for average typists because they hardly win any competition.

Maybe something close to "elo" ranking system should do the trick? (forbid high elo players to go on low elo competitions for example)


Yea that will be cool


wRadion YES THANK YOU GREAT IDEA, i will support this fully!


In a mode called "competition", we must definitely accept the concept of winner / loser.

I can support the idea of ​​a score system (either variable or cumulative) based on the rank in each competition, in order to reward each one at its true value. But the concept of grouping users of the same level is, in my opinion, a dead end, as it already exists on a larger scale (only 1 group) and in this type of system there will always be winners and losers.

In addition, it will reduce the number of competitors in each group, which in some languages ​​(who are already struggling to find 5 participants) will be catastrophic since there will be no more winners at all. Finally, it will not change much for the less fortunate of each group who will always have the opportunity to complain.

The thing is, everyone would like to be the winner each time. But at the same time everyone is so flattered when he crushes as many people as possible. ;)


OK, many users would like a better system in competition. I don't have a miracle recipe that will revolutionize everything, but here is my proposal:

At the end of a competition, points of competition could be awarded to each participant based on their final score. These points would be equal to the correct keystrokes typed (CPM) weighted by the accuracy (%) obtained.

For example, if a competitor gets 200 WPM with 999 CPM and 92% accuracy, he will earn 999 (CPM) x 0.92 (accuracy) = 919 points. If he gets 160 WPM with 802 CPM and 100% accuracy, he will earn 802 (CPM) x 1 (accuracy) = 802 points. In my opinion, accuracy must be taken into account because speed alone is not a guarantee of the typing quality.

This system recognizes each participant and each of its holdings at its fair value.


1. 600 CPM at 95% = 570 pts

2. 599 CPM at 100% = 599 pts

"1" still wins, but "2" earns more points.


1. 555 CPM at 100% (first date)

2. 555 CPM at 100% (last date)

"1" gets an extra win, but "2" still earns the same number of points.

So even if you are slower or ranked last, you are sure to always win a number of points proportional to your score. And no matter the number of participants, even if there is no winner because not enough participants (less than 5), you always earn points by participating.

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The first post of this topic is about points based on the rank obtained in the competition. But I think this kind of system is less good and less accurate. Because the number of participants depends a lot on the language. It will be very high in English and very low in less typed languages.

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What to do with the points of competition?
They would be displayed in the user's profile. One could imagine a ranking based on these points. On the profile would be indicated (in parentheses after the number of points) the user's place in the ranking. Points could also allow to unlock a series of badges (like 10K, 25K, 50K, 75K, 100K, 250K, 500K, 750K, 1M points). This would represent an additional motivation to participate in a maximum of competitions, whatever the level or chances of winning.