The website auto log off after finished the typing test and does not remember my record

Hữu Khánh shared this problem 10 months ago

I meet this problem many times, and it really annoys me. I login using Facebook account and do the Normal English Typing Test. The website usually log out automatically after I finished the test and it throw away my record. The funny thing is it happen every time I reach new high record.

My system:

OS: macOs Mojave

Browser: Google Chrome 70.0.3538.110

Facebook login

Normal Typing Test (English)

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Everyone is having this problem. We can't do anything except wait for the admin to solve it. ;)


thanks for replying. I hope the admin will notice this problem soon.

Beside that, can I suggest my idea? For example, I am in the typing page, got result 92 WPM and did not login (website logout automatically). When I do the login again successfully, the website will take the 92 WPM result which I got before and update to the database (or somewhere else). So the typing result will be preserved.