[URGENT] Logout problem

Linsk shared this problem 3 months ago


This is known for a long time and getting really harmful to the site and all its users.

I invite all people who experience this unexpected and recurring logout to vote and reply by giving as much information as possible to help identify the causes.

Losing scores and reconnecting dozens of times a day is a real pain.

So Chris, on behalf of the entire 10FF community, I beg you to set your absolute priority on solving this problem.

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- We are many to be logged out by the time we get a personal best. This is probably due to the fact that we stay and type for a long time on the same speedtest / competition, reloading the test many times (with the mouse or F5) but without reloading the whole page. As if the site decteded all this time like inactivity.

- While otherwise we can be away from our keyboard for hours (so totally inactive on the site) and still be logged in when we are back... So there does not seem to be any timing logic. Or it is defective.

- I am often logged out when I reload the page (Ctrl+R) or when I open many 10FF profiles in separate tabs (which is very frequent as site moderator).

- Sometimes, I see that I am logged out and when I refresh the page, I am logged in again! Oo

- Like many others, I use the browser recommended by 10FF: Chrome.


I myself tried to combat this issue by creating a script that checks whenever the login cookie is deleted whenever I am on the test page and most of the time this has prevented me from logging out randomly mid test (instead I just log myself out and back in). Though sometimes I do find myself forcibly logged out somehow when on non-test pages which luckily isn't as bad as being logged out mid test but still annoying. I also use chrome

Here are some things I have noticed while using this script, which unfortunately still leaves us at "(re)loading the page causes the issue":

- Sometimes I am still logged in but I will eventually be logged out due to the cookie disappearing, but other times I am immediately logged out

- Reloading the test a lot (doing tons of reloads in a short amount of times makes me log out faster, so perhaps related to reloading the page as that happens more often if I press F5 aggressively), can't remember but I think the possibility of the issue occurring if the page doesn't reload (only the test) is far lower than the whole page reloading

- Opening up many tabs eventually causes the cookie to disappear, but I believe this is already known

- There is no set amount of pages I have to (re)load to cause the cookie to disappear, it seems to be entirely random

- Far more likely to happen if you open a new page while a page is still loading (not really sure if I can trust this since it still happens quite often when I open up a new tab)


Yes, Yes, being logged out is a bad feature it needs to be fixed. I know of people who have had their personal best, but they were logged out and lost it completely.



Hi guys,

sorry about this bug! But as long as I can't reproduce it, I have no idea how to solve it. If you have a way (step by step) that works to reproduce the issue, please let me know!


Yes getting logged out randomly, probably because the screen stays inactive for sometime while taking breaks and after sometimes it automatically logs you out when you are finished with a new typing task. (Using Google login)