Why random words and text without context/flow? Why the first row in focus?

Pia Nordin shared this problem 7 months ago


Why is it random words and not a text with context in the Typing test, top 200 words?

It's much more difficult to write a text without context, when it's just random words. Then you need to memorize each word and "focus" on that, compared to a logic sentence that is so much easier to remember. When you write something on your own and don't re-write text, you will probably write even faster (though of course may change your mind, delete, re-write etc.) than in the test. Random words slow you down (i.e. if you want to test a "normal" writing session).

Why is the first row in focus?

Also I find it disturbing that the random words are shown in two rows, and they move, so the focused row is on top all the time. When you read a row, whether you just read or re-write it, your eyes move along the first row and down to the second row, since there is a second row. (When you read a book your eyes are even scanning the second and third rows while still reading the first one).

Here, you need to move your glance back to the start of the first row, kind of "unnatural". Every time I've done the test, I find myself re-writing the wrong line. First I correctly write the first row, then the second which in realiy is the third row of words, and there are lots of red marked words before I realize I have to move up to the first row again, since the second row has become the first one ...

Fun with the test, but I think they should mirror how you read and write (if latin letters, from left to right, top-down) to be accurate.

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Random words have the advantage of generating always different and unexpected series, even if the same 200 words are used.

The second row is just a preview of what's coming, which helps to anticipate the next words.

It's just a matter of habit for both things.