why you don't provide a facility of hindi typing as like others language?

Rahul Mishra shared this question 2 years ago

20 language in a section of top 1000 language.. but hindi is not

typing test advanced have also a 20+ language..but hindi section is not working ...

why you neglect hindi?

please if you not sort out this then you remove hindi typing ... its my request because we use other platform for hindi typing..

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No, Christian doesn't "neglect" any particular language. He's just very busy. You know, there are 54 languages ​​currently available on 10FF and plenty of other stuff. It's already huge! Do you have any idea of ​​the work that this represents?

If some modes are missing in many languages, it's simply because it requires a considerable amount of work and time, which is difficult to achieve by a single man. As far as I know, Christian is German and he's not polyglot, which makes the task even more complicated for him.

You have to know that many languages have been added following a request from a certain number of users. You should also know that word banks are often provided by users themselves, simply because they are best placed to know their own language. And of course the same applies to translations. In short, the site benefited greatly from the valuable collaboration of some generous users.

You got it, Chris needs help! ^^ So if you really want Hindi to be better represented, who do you think is better placed than the Indian people to propose an advanced word bank? To build a list of exactly 1,000 most common words? Besides, I really recommend using a serious list based on the frequency of the words in your language. This sorting by frequency can thus be used to optimize the top 1000 mode. ;)