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words being skipped after upstroke of space

Known John R. Comments: 1 Reply 19 days ago by John R.
9 votes

Custom Typing Tests -- Remember word list

In Progress mitcml Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by Christian S.
159 votes

Word skipping when doing typing tests and competitions

Known Nico T. 13 months ago No Comments
8 votes

Korean Accuracy

Known Joseph G. 45 hours ago No Comments
1 vote

Hindi anti-cheat bug!

Known Sreeram S. 2 days ago No Comments
1 vote

entering username many a times but not working

Known LIVE C. Comments: 1 Reply 14 days ago by Rip V.
4 votes

Text scrolls out of view on text practice

Known Marcus K. Comments: 2 Reply 25 days ago by mallu
8 votes

Multiplayer SPACE bar issue...

Known simplepinoi177 Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by Jonathan
33 votes
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